• 1. What is the CARDUKA website?

    CarDuka.com is the first website in Kenya that provides a free estimated value of a motor vehicle.

  • 2. How do you arrive at the value?

    NIC Bank, the market leader in Asset Finance has partnered with Regent Auto Valuers, the largest motor vehicle valuer in the region to bring you this revolutionary game changer. The site uses historical motor vehicle valuations to predict the current value of your motor vehicle.

  • 3. Is the value provided on the site the true value of my vehicle?

    The value provided on CARDUKA is an estimate based on the parameters provided. For a comprehensive valuation, please visit Regent Auto Valuers or any other certified motor vehicle valuer.

  • 4. Can I value any vehicle?

    At the moment, you can only value personal vehicles like saloon’s, pick-ups, SUV’s etc. Commercial vehicles such as trucks are not available for valuation on the platform. To value a commercial vehicle, please visit Regent Auto Valuers or any other certified motor vehicle valuer.

  • 5. I cannot find a car model.

    The site is constantly evolving and new models will be added as we go along.

  • 6. How do I determine the sub model of my preferred motor vehicle?

    A Motor vehicle sub model, also known as a trim, is a technical customization of a motor vehicle within a specific model. It offers different configurations of the same vehicle model. Additionally, it can also be subdivided into model years. To simplify use on the site, we have added engine capacity next to the sub model name e.g. ZRT (1490 CC), ZRT260 (1790 CC). Select your preferred sub model based on the CC

  • 7. I did not receive my valuation certificate from the site?

    Ensure to provide a valid email address